Design Service

We are now offering an independent design and budget forecasting service, which provides you with designs and budgets for your project without requiring further commitment.

This could put you at a major advantage if you are embarking on the re-design of any domestic area.

Design drawings


We’re not tied to any particular manufacturer and we have quick access to independent makers and suppliers.

Design options

Most companies will only present you with one design, but we will give you 3-4 different options to choose from.

Style options

We can competently design in many styles, from the most minimal to the very hand crafted country look.

We listen

Our views and ideas are purely based on your needs – we’re here to evaluate and answer your design brief.

The process – typically spread over 4 meetings

1. Discuss and form the design brief.

2. Discuss possible layouts for the area in question.

3. Review a developed design, in hand drawn format for discussion.

4. Hand over final hand drawn design – fees may apply.

Clients choose this service for

  • 3-4 different design options for you to choose from
  • Independent and passionate thought towards your project
  • Direct contact with the designer for discussion
  • Flexible pricing for any one design from a number of manufacturers

Optional extras

  • Ownership of drawings from £500
  • Black & white 3D CAD visuals from £150
  • Full colour 3D CAD visuals from £200
  • Additional meetings, subject to project size and timescale

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