Our process

Orca design is in every way design led

The production of a complete design brief leads the process to total fulfilment of the design, manufacture, installation and budget. Involvement with the actual makers of the furniture can also be organised so all angles of design and production can be discussed and agreed. It is also possible to visit factories, workshops and other suppliers involved in the project.

Typical stages to design

There is typically one week between each stage to complete drawing/design work and financial estimates to be gathered:

1. Initial meeting to form the design brief and measure the area in question

Discussion on space, style, function, content, ergonomics and the final vision that is to be ideally achieved


2. A meeting to discuss a number of designs

Any area can generally be designed in any number of possibilities. However there will be a preferred layout to the space for functional, aesthetic and budget reasons. The conclusion is to focus on the preferred layout to lead the final design, style function etc.


3. Presentation of the preferred layout incorporating style, function, details and budget

At this stage you will have a huge wealth of information about your preferred design. Financial commitment to the project, given the wealth of information that has been presented.


4. Refining the design for final sign off


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